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Boat show season is here again.... pre order your dollies now to make move in more efficient



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Outboard Stand

Pro Jack

Pontoon Dolly

$449.00 ea

$1,588.00 ea

$149.00 ea


Pro Dolly

$1,169.00 ea

Keel Stands

$92.00 ea


$49.95 ea

Outdrive Jack

$359.00 ea

Boat Stands

$109.00 ea

Jet Ski Dolly

$249.00 ea

Boat Dolly

$279.00 ea

Pontoon Dolly Cart


Latest News

CRC Marine is proud to announce our new Econo-Dolly, It's the same high quality dolly as standard Dolly just without the drop V and outer post bungs. As with all of our products it is of heavy steel construction and the same 5" Polyurethane casters. Unlike our competitors we do NOT use bent or deformed tubing and for safety reasons our bunks will not tip over center. Our bunks are engineered to have a range of operation so your technicians will never have to climb under a boat so set the bunk angles. As with all CRC Boat Dollies there are no tools required to adjust height or width. Quantity discounts available.



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 Pro Jack Rentals

CRC has Pro Jacks in stock for local rentals. 

Rates are $100.00 per day per Jack



The CRC Pro Jacks are in stock

Some of the features are

  • 'Always ON' Safety

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Lighter weight

  • Better balance

(details here)













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